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Peter, Account Director at BT

Evidenced-Based Mindfulness in Organisations

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Mindfulness in Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Happy Warrior partners and associates are mindfulness practitioners who are in the fields of business, HR, psychology and psychotherapy. Having been trained by global experts from top mindfulness organisations such as University of Oxford, University of Massachusetts Medical School and Bangor University, we deliver mindfulness interventions that meet international standards.  View Profiles




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"...This learning is equally as useful to us in all facets of our lives, helping us manage the frenetic, always connected world that we find ourselves..."

Paul Murnaghan, participant of 8-week programme

Regional Sales Director of BT


"The Happy Warrior’s session for the Institute was the most popular and inspiring breakfast we had in that year.” 

Noel Brady

Chairman of the Sales Institute of Ireland

"I'm happy to recommend The Happy Warrior. Their programme strengthened the relationships within our team and I've grown in awareness of myself and how I do things. " 

Hugh Nelson, participant of 8-week programme 

Head of Community Wellbeing, Northern Health and Social Care Trust

“The mindfulness programme has helped me to consciously think, control my responses and have a heightened level of self-awareness when leading. I have a heightened awareness using my emotional intelligence to better assess situations. I use mindfulness tools to control if and how I engage.”

Heather Weir, participant of a 10-week programme

CEO, NI Hospice

"As a leader, I am becoming more focused and productive... bringing my team along with me with greater positivity... mindful of what is happening at the time and how to address situations in a constructive manner. The course has helped me reduce my stress levels and skilfully respond rather than react. This is radiating in my personal life."

Cathy Mahon-Davey, participant of a 10-week programme

Head of Customer Experience and Communications, First Trust Bank AIB

“The mindfulness skills that I learned were very helpful. It provided me with an opportunity for self-reflection and the ability to slow down when needed to better perform as a leader." 

Paul Convery, participant of an 8-week programme

President, Newry Chamber of Commerce & Trade, Head of BT Business Private Sector

"The Happy Warrior has had a really positive impact on the well-being and general performance of our sales teams."

Peter Russell, programme commissioner and session participant

General Manager of BT

"The Happy Warrior presented a concise enough mindfulness session that introduced us to so many relatable concepts that really resonated. Practice sessions, therefore, seemed more relevant and engaging, giving me a far better impression of mindfulness and ensuring that I'll want to try and use it in the future!"  

Neil Wilson, participant of a management development session

Manager, PwC

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