why the happy warrior?

Why Engage with Us?

Our Value Proposition

We ensure that leaders and employees are fully engaged, satisfied and at their very best in an organisation they perceive as a “great place to work.”


Business Solution: More than Evidence-Based Mindfulness Interventions

Unlike other Mindfulness providers, we combine our competency in delivering evidence-based mindfulness programmes with solid learning and leadership development strategies to provide solutions for organisational effectiveness. We work on a strategic level to transform organisational culture that harmonises productivity and a sense of living well. (See testimonials)

Competencies and Experience

As a team, we collectively have under our belt more than 70 years of personal mindfulness practice and more than 180 eight-week evidence-based mindfulness programmes run. 

Richness in Diversity

Aware of the cultural sensitivity of promoting Mindfulness, we find strength in being diverse not only on account of our professional backgrounds but also due to the different nationalities involved in our collaborative work.