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Social Responsibility

Mindfulness Accessibility Project

Through our Mindfulness Accessibility Project, we offer mindfulness classes and 8-week mindfulness courses to those who cannot pay due to financial constraints. As we believe that mindfulness is a gift to all humanity and must be accessible by different cultures, we also actively accommodate people of different economic capacities. 

At the moment, beneficiaries of this project are primarily from Northern Ireland and the Philippines.


Street Children Caring Centre

The Happy Warrior supports He Cares Foundation Street Children Caring Centre by giving financial help for the benefit of homeless children in the Philippines. 


He Cares is committed to caring for wounded and vulnerable children in Metro Manila, Philippines, restoring their hope, and helping them to make a meaningful contribution to the world.

Planting Trees for the Planet

So far, we've planted 428 trees before Covid-19 hit the world. We continue to dedicate one half-day per week to plant trees on our own or by volunteering with the Belfast Hills Partnership. 


This planting season the Belfast Hills Partnership volunteers and staff planted 417 linear metres of new hedge and 140 linear metres of gapping up hedges. We also extended the existing woodland at Ligoniel Dams by planting 1900 m2 of new woodland. That amounts to a staggering 2,550 thorns, and 550 native trees- a mixture of Hazel, Oak, Alder, Wild Cherry and Birch.  These new hedges and woodland are vital wildlife habitats and will help mitigate against the negative effects of Ash dieback and climate change.